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Olga Grytsenko was born in 1966 in the town of Komsomolsk, Poltava region.

In 1988 she graduated from Poltava Institute of Architecture where she is teaching architecture design.

Since 1993 she has worked as an architect-designer at Kremenchug wheel plant as well as an interior and landscape designer.

Solo of colour. Play of colour. Reality of colour.

The first Olga Grytsenko's student water colours exhibited in Poltava, attracted art-lovers' attention by freshness of colour and unusual technique. The next art-quest made her change the forms of painting, try herself in different art technics and styles. Painting for Olga is the state of meditation, the inspiration descending from without, somewhere from haven, the means of achievement of absolute internal harmony. In her works the artist tries to follow the search of optimum creative side, free of conjuncture restrictions.

Olga affirms: "Every my work is a mirror. I am an object. I try to work at the canvas in the way that the object would be worthy of its reflection, I try to change myself...
... any work of art, painted not to order, reflects the essence of the artist's soul. If the soul is light, it is able to make the world more beautiful and cleaner".

The series of painting in oils "Solo of colour" is a new stage of Olga's creative search in which the reflection of purity of colour found the forms of trees, flowers and fruits. It is a great ode to the nature.

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Artwork name: Emerald Distances

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Oil on Board,
(7"x10 1/4")

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