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(b. 1909)

Lunev Sergei Yemelianovich, born in 1909 in Kekino, Sumi reg. In a teacher's family. Studied in N.Onazky studio; Kharkov Art College (1927-34).

1934-1957 was on military service. Member of the Artists Union of USSR from 1958.

Important shows include:
I-V Exhibitions of Watercolors of Ukraine;
I-V All-USSR Exhibition of Watercolors;

Exhibitions of Soviet Watercolors abroad:
in Chech Republic (1971),
In Yugoslavia (1972),
in Mexico (1972),
Vietnam(1975), Finland (1980).

Artist had personal shows in Kharkov (1960), Kiev(1965), Moscow (1973).

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Artwork name: Young Female

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Ink drawing
on Paper,
104 GBP

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