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Tania Kugai was born in 1968 in Poltava, now lives and works in Kiev. Since 1993 she is a member of The National Union of Artists of Ukraine. She graduated from The National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in 1993 where studied in the studio of book design and illustration guided by professors V. Chebanik and G. Galinska. Time before she had graduated the Kiev Fine Arts College named after T. Shevchenko. The artist works in book design, computer graphic, easel and monumental painting. Since 1989 she is active in exhibitions. Creative works of the author are kept in private collections in Ukraine and abroad.

For the long time being the mankind tries to take the hand of fire's charming energy, in this longing it began to use artistic means much earlier than scientific ones. In magic symbols, ornamental motives and whimsical patterns, associated with fire the features of the most powerful element searving to a human are coded. Tania Kugai is the author of the pictures offered to your kind attention, she also observes the mystic power of fire with the keen interest. While making use of various artistic subjects and themes – portraits, still-lives, figurative compositions – the author in her creative works achieves the united energyc mood, much because she herself is a fire sign of horoscope.

The guarantee of artist's success lies in the way never choose the goal of liking by onlooker but follow the conception of author's world vision. Ardent passion of deep colors, usage of expressive compositional means favor the interesting presentation of artistic concept. Utterly distinctive emitting energyc light, the canvas rightfully capture the attention of a spectator, make him stand steel concentrated, almost hipnotized with the immense magnetism of the flaming prominence of the artist's works.
Tania Kugai finds her own way to master the fire not only through conquering colour and rhythm combinations but also in symbolic and imagery allegories. Many heroes of her pictures – gryphones, firebirds and other magic creatures are associated by our imagination with flame. They are our guides to the world of fire, being at the same time the mascots against his ferocious restlessness. In this pictures an important place is taken by the both common symbols and decorative structures, which we know from ancient times and the novice ones that the author invents. Among her favorite images are sensual maids of old times and future: "Blonde with Blue Fish", "Sophia", semireal corners of the city views "Old Kiev", romantic still-lives with cherries, pomergranates and tulips.

The fire in author's works has numerous faces. This can be a flame of colours on the autumn leaves in the picture "Autumn", a fireplace warm which is symbolized by tender speckle cats and birds. Mythical creatures: fairy-tale lions, gryphones, magic firebirds accompany a human along the quaint paths of "Primitive Wood" or live the own mystical life – gathering beside the mysterious "Spring of Harmony", travel in branches of the symbolic "Tree of Life". Distinctively outlined nude female bodies, harmoniously depicted in the bright whirl, possessing magic powers of charm and attractiveness, are able to oppose against the elements of destruction and chaos the glorious image-symbol of eternal love and continuation of life: "Walking with Gryphons", "July Dream", "Nude with Sunflowers". Fragrant flowers and ripe fruit that are main in sophisticated still-lives also become organic decorative elements of figurative compositions. Sweet-scented buds and fruits as if they are lighting everything around with sunlight.

Pieces of Tania Kugai are genuine festival of art. The artisan part of her creative work – hours of hard exhausting labour seems to be unreal for the artist. Only joy and inspiration are left instead. Feeling of flight rush and masterly lightness simultaneously with compositional finity and groundness are the features of all artworks. In her creativeness she is inventive, brave and sophisticated. It is characteristic for Tatiana to turn to wonder everything that she touches upon in her author's work. Objects and phenomena unexpectedly show another, real artistic essence that is exiting and fantastic.

Art Exhibitions

1989 - Republican Exhibition of book illustration Exhibition Hall of The National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Artist's House. Kiev. Ukraine.

1993 - Exhibition-auction of students' works of The National Academy of Fine Arts Munich. Germany.

1993 - Exhibition of graduates of The National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture Palace of Arts "Ukrainian House". Kiev. Ukraine.

1994 - Republican Spring Art Exhibition Art Gallery of Kiev Union of Artists "Mystets". Kiev. Ukraine.

1997 - Exhibition "Computer Graphic, Technique and Art" Art Gallery named after G. Sinitsa. National Technical University. Kiev. Ukraine.

1998 - Exhibition of Portrait Art Gallery of Kiev Union of Artists "Mystets". Kiev. Ukraine.

1998 - Exhibition of works of The National Union of Artists of Ukraine members Exhibition Hall of The National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Artist's House. Kiev. Ukraine.

1998 - Exhibition of works of "Universitet" gallery artists Exhibition Hall of The National University named after T. Shevchenko. Kiev. Ukraine.

1998 - Exhibition "Kaleidoscope" Museum of Book and Printing. Lavra. Kiev. Ukraine.

1998 - Exhibition of Ukrainian artists' works Exhibition Hall of The National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Artist's House. Kiev. Ukraine.

2001 - Participation in Edinburg Internet Festival

2002 - Exhibition of artworks "Polyakov and Lowe" gallery. Manchester. Britain.

2002 - Exhibition-auction of eminent Ukrainian artists' works Ukrainian Stock Market of Energetic Resources. Kiev. Ukraine.

2003 - Exhibition "Three Visions" "Gryphone" gallery. Kiev. Ukraine.

2004 - Exhibition of works of Ukrainian women-artists Art Gallery of Kiev Union of Artists "Mystets". Kiev. Ukraine.

2004 - Personal Exhibition "The Sign of Fire" "Gryphone" gallery. Kiev. Ukraine.

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Artwork name: Frosty Tune

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oil on canvas
80 x 60 cm
(31" x 24")

Price: £1068 GBP