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Born in 1962.

Graduated from the Ukrainian Academy of Arts.

Member of the Ukrainian Artists Union.

Artist's Statement

"Color is important in my art for it is the life of my work".

Solo Exhibition:

2008 The ”Karas’” Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2007 Triptych Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2007 ARTEast, Kyiv, Ukraine
2006 RA Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2006 ARTEast, Kyiv, Ukraine
2005 Triptych Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2003 "Crimean Holiday",RA Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2001 Paintings, Tadzio Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2001 “BODY STUDY", RA Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2000 "Windows.Hunting" Graphics. Kolyory Gallery ,Kyiv, Ukraine
2000 ARTEast, Kyiv, Ukraine
1999 ARTEast, Kyiv, Ukraine
1998 "Creation of the World". Akvarel Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
1997 "Presentiment". Akvarel Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
1997 "Graphics". Akvarel Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
1997 "Remembrances". Irena Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

Group Exhibition:

1998 "House near the Hill". Lavra Municipal Art Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
1998 "Triennial Ukraine". Artist Union, Kyiv, Ukraine
1998 "Art'98". Artists Union, Kyiv, Ukraine.
1997 "Painting, Graphics". University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece
1996 "Trukhaniv Island". Akvarel Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
1996 "Sofia Triennial 96", National Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria.
1994 "Graphic World". Russian Art Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine
1993 "Imagine". Russian Art Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine
1992 Art of Ukraine. Armenian Center of Culture, Thessaloniki, Greece
1992 "Exhibition of 4". Pataky Galley, Budapest, Hungary.
1991 Days of Kiev Culture. Culture Center, Budapest, Hungary.
1990 "Urbi et Orbi" Culture Center, Prague, Czech Republic.
1990 Ukrainian Art Center. Culture Center. Teleborg, Sweden.
1990 September. Unity. Ukrainian Art National Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine

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Artwork name: From the series

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70 x 90 cm
(27 5/9 x 35 3/7)
Oil on сanvas

Price: SOLD