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He was born on the 2nd of January 1953 in Lvov, in the Ukraine (originally Lemberg / Galiziens).

During the period of 1960 - 1970, he developed a great interest to draw and to portray. After he finished school successfully he graduated from the technical school for Industry and Design in Lvov.

In 1973 Mykhailo he was summoned for military service on the black sea fleet in Sotshi and on the Krim. Being totally impressed by the landscape and surroundings he instantly began to draw and to dispute the different techniques of drawing and colouring. Right after the dismissal from the army in 1975, he began to study art at the Truscha-University in Lvov where he graduated five years later.

Having completed his studies he often travelled to the Carpathien mountains. There he concentrated on painting scenes of the daily life situation and landscapes in oil and water-colour. Furthermore during this period plenty of female portrays were created.

Since 1986 he took part in exhibitions in the Ukraine and at this time in the former Soviet Union, among others in Kiev, Lvov, Leningrad, Moscow, Alma-Ata, Tallin, Riga, Vilnius.
Thereafter in 1989 he became a member in the society of artists of the Ukraine, (Kiev), and in the unit of artists in the Soviet Union, (Moscow). Soon the great talent of the artist and his unique technique and strength of expression, primarily of the water-colours, received recognition from the art scene of the Soviet Union. With the application of unmixed colours, sometimes he even uses spatula technique, on a surface the artist creates with unequalled dynamic an amazing intensity and expressiveness in his works. His works of art exists within the collection of different art galleries in the Ukraine, in Kiev, Lvov, Sumy, Simferopol, Chmelnitzk and Ternopol. His pictures are in the possession of private art collections in Germany, France, USA, Canada, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain and Argentina.

Since 1990 Mykhailo Demtsiu is a member of the art association of the Ukraine. As a sign of recognition of being one of the most significant artists of the time in the Ukraine he received the 3rd price during a national exhibition "Drawings of the Ukraine" in 2001.In october 2003 a personal exposition in the National Art Museum of the Ukraine in Kiew took place.

His eager to travel quite a lot in the West inspires him for new drawings. Otherwise he lives with his family in Lvov.


2001 Kiev, Exhibition in the National Museum on the occasion of the celebration of the independence of the Ukraine 10 years ago

3/2001 Kiev, Single Exhibition at the Union of Art of the Ukraine

5/2001 Bernau, Hans-Thomas-Museum, Single Exhibition

2001 Lvov, Gallery Persona, Single Exhibition

2001 Kiev, Gallery, City N., Single Exhibition

2001 Vilnius, House of the Artists

2002 Bad Nauheim, Kerkhoff-Klinik (hospital), Single Exhibition

2002 Bracieux, La Vieille Halle, Gallery, Single Exhibition

2002 Lvov, Palace of Art, Single Exhibition

2003 Kiev, National Art Museum, Single Exhibition

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Artwork name: Restless

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Oil on Canvas
61 x 73cm

Price: SOLD