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Born date: 28.07.1967
1982-1986 - the Baku state art school (painting).
1989-1993 - the Stroganov Moscow Art College.
Lives and works in Odessa and Amsterdam.

- Project Aqua vita Odessa the Center of the modern art "Tirs" the first part - September-October, 1993, performance" Carriages on potemkin to a ladder ", the second part - 23.09-15.10.1995;

- the Project "Light from darkness" ("Lux ex tenebris")
26.02-12.03.1994 Odessa the Center of the modern art "Tirs", pathetic object "Compulsory treatment";

- the Project "Space of a cultural revolution" Kiev, the Center "the Ukrainian house", 26.05-01.06.1994 installation "the Dream of the driver";

- the Project "Bonded area" Odessa the Art museum. The center of the modern art "Tirs", 15.07-30.07.1994 object "Pizza tower";

- the Project "the Oval world" Amsterdam SBK 1997 painting, 17 pictures;

- the Project "Fuhrer under the control" Odessa, the Odessa art museum, 13.09-28.09.2001 painting, the videoart.

- The project "Garage. Transmission" (Bienalle of Ukraine) Kiev Institute of problems of the modern art, 21.06-25.06.2002 painting;

- the Project "Shirt-frog" Moscow(Art-Moscow), the Central house of the artist (CH for; Art), October, 2002 videoinstallation

- the Project "New Odessa" Odessa, ОООNSHУ, February, 2002 painting;

- the Project "the Industrial Buddhism" (the personal project) ОООNSHУ Odessa, the Odessa state art museum, 11.09-26.09.2003 painting, the videoart, installation.

- the project "Revolt of boxers" (the personal project) Kiev, Gallery L-ART, Andrey's descent 2, 26.01.04-16.02.04 painting, videoinstallation, object.

- the project "Odessa-Paris. Young view" (Youth association ОООNSHУ graphic section). Painting. 06.02.04

- the Project "Utopia" (painting) Gallery L-ART (Kiev, street Andreevsky descent 2), April, 2004

- the Exhibition "Farewell the weapon" (painting) Kiev, Factory "Arsenal" Piychuk Art-center the Second collection on October, 1-14st 2004.

- exhibition "Kon'uktivite" gallery "Ra" Kiev, street Bogdana Khmelnitskiy 32. Painting. 04.02-2005 - 19.02.2005

- art-proekt "Global warming" odessa "Marytime gallery" 20-7-2005 to 15-08-2006 painting, videoinstallation

- art proekt "Fight of civilizations". Painting. Gallery L-À RT (Kiev, street Andreevsky descent 2), 13 April -25 may, 2006

- exhibition "Survival technic" in circle 3 ukraine fotobiennale painting, foto Gallery "Karas" (Kiev, street Andreevsky descent 22a), 3-20 may, 2007

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Artwork name: Tecnodecadance 3

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Oil, Sanguine on Canvas

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