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Was born in 1947.

In 1965 graduated from Kyiv Art School. 1965-1971 - graduated from Kyiv Art Institute (masterclass of the academician T. Yablonskaya). Member of the National Artists Union of Ukraine (since 1975). Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine.

Professor V. Budnikov is teaching painting at Ukrainian Academy of Arts. The artist is known for his researches in metaphysics in the field of painting and for founding a "new-baroque" trend in nonfigurative painting. 1993, Berlin - a thesis was defended in Humboldt University dedicated to his creative work.

V. Budnikov was awarded the prize "Golden Section" as the best artist in the III International Art Festival (Kyiv, 1998). Lives and works in Kyiv.


2007 "Hunt", gallery " Ya Gallery", Kyiv, Ukraine
- "Battle", "Lavra" gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
- "Classical motif", "Atelier Karas" gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2006 "New works", "Atelier Karas" gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2005 "Metaphisik of code", "Lavra" gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2004 "Painter's Delight or Vacations in Rome", "Atelier Karas" gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2003 "Infinite Journey", "Atelier Karas" gallery Kyiv, Ukraine
2002 "Landscape", Center for Contemporary Art "Soviart", Kyiv, Ukraine
2001 "Drawings", "Lavra" gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
- Gallery "In der Gerbgruben", Burgenlend, Austria
2000 "Retrospection", "L-art" gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
1999 "Objects", Center for Contemporary Art "Soviart", Kyiv, Ukraine
1998 Exhibition at the "Atelier Karas" gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
- "Oasis", Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
1997 "Retrospection", Exhibition Hall "EEG", Berlin, Germany
1996 "White in White", Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
1995 "Secret of Life", Gallery "Alipiy", Kyiv, Ukraine
- Gallery "Kunst Brucke", Berlin, Germany
- Gallery "Palette", Kleve, Germany
- Mercury Globe Ukraine, exhibition hall "Slavutich", Kyiv, Ukraine
- Palace Egermann, Burgenland, Austria
1994 Gallery "Intercontinental", Berlin, Germany
- Gallery "Sergei Popov", Berlin, Germany
1993 Gallery "Loggia", Hilton, Vienna, Austria
- Gallery "Raissa", Erfurt, Germany
- Embassy of France, Kyiv, Ukraine
- Gallery "K. d'Eparne", Toulouse, France
1992 Gallery "Inselstrasse, 13", Berlin, Germany
1991 Gallery Handeswerbend, Vienna, Austria
- Cultural Centre, Bonn, Germany
1990 Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
- Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists of the USSR, Moscow, USSR
- House of USSR Culture and Science, Berlin, Germany


2007 Scholarship of CCN Graz, Austria
1998 the Title "The Year's Artist", the Price "Golden Section", III International Art Festival, Ukrainian House Center, Kyiv, Ukraine


2008 "Gogolfest", Kyiv, Ukraine
2007 "Drawings", Graz, Austria
- "Gogolfest", Kyiv, Ukraine
- "Our art", Kyiv, Ukraine
- "Artists are drawing. A4", Kyiv, Ukraine
2004 "Farewell to Arms", Kyiv, Ukraine
- "Masterpieces of Modern Ukrainian Art. Summer 2004", Kyiv, Ukraine
2003 "First collection", Kyiv, Ukraine
- "Calling Karmapa", Kyiv, Ukraine
2002 "Works by professors and Teachers", National Academy for Fine Art and Architecture, Kyiv, Ukraine
2001 "Dialogue with quotation", Kyiv, Ukraine
2000 "New tendencies", Kyiv, Ukraine
1999 "XX Artists of Ukraine (the end of the century)", Kyiv, Ukraine
- "Triennale of Sculpture", Kyiv, Ukraine
1998 "Non-Figurative Painting Biennale", Kyiv, Ukraine
- "Triennale of Painting", Kyiv, Ukraine
1997 "Kunst Melle", Berlin, Germany
- "Wia Regia-97", Erfurt, Germany
- "Non-Figurative Painting", Kyiv, Ukraine
- "Kyiv, Odense, Toulouse", Kyiv, Ukraine
1996 "Ukrainian Avantgarde 1910-1996", Odense, Denmark


Museum of History of Kyiv
Kyiv Museum of Fine Arts
National Art Museum, Kyiv
Museum of Russian Art, Dnipropetrovsk
Art Museum, Zaporizhzhya
Art Museum, Chernigiv
Art Museum, Sumy
Art Museum, Ismail
Art Museum, Berdyansk
Ludvig Museum, Aachen, Germany
Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin, Germany
Zimmerly Art Museum Colection, Ruthgers, USA
Berliner Bank, Berlin, Germany
Deutcher Bank, Berlin, Germany
AWT, Vienna, Austria
Mercury Globe Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
Kunst Gallery Gleser, Berlin, Germany
Maiya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, USA
Rainer Gildebrandt, Berlin, Germany
Igor Dychenko, Kyiv, Ukraine
Galleries and private collections in Austria, Germany, USA, Japan, France.

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Artwork name: Composition No 5

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60 x 70 cm
(23 5/8" x 27 5/9")
Oil on Canvas

Price: SOLD